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Ph.D. 地质学,2004
论文The Tectonomagmatic Evolution of the Late Cenozoic Owyhee Plateau, Northwestern United States

Mount Union College, Alliance, 俄亥俄州
B.S. 地质学,1995年


Dr. Shoemaker is a Professor of 地质 in the Department of 自然科学 at 肖尼 State University. Originally a magmatic geochemist (his teaching responsibilities include Mineralogy and Petrology), fate and opportunity have shifted his research focus to the evolution of the upper 俄亥俄州 Valley before and during the Pleistocene Epoch (“Ice Age”). Shoemaker is the SSU Campus Representative for the 美国地质学会.


  • GEOL 1202 Historical 地质
  • GEOL 2111地质野外方法入门
  • GEOL 2203矿物学
  • GEOL 3205火成岩 & 变质岩岩石学
  • GEOL 4206 Structural 地质 & 构造

Special Course Offerings

  • GEOL 3100区域地质实地研究: Caves, Karst and Limestone at Mammoth Cave National Park(Spring 2015; team-taught with Dr. 艾瑞克拉尔森)
  • GEOL 3100区域地质实地研究: The Southern Appalachians(Spring 2014; team-taught with Dr. 杰夫·鲍尔)
  • GEOL 3390地质学研讨会: 俄亥俄河谷的冰河时期 (2013年秋季,2017年春季)
  • GEOL 3100区域地质实地研究: The Lower Mississippi River: Cairo, Illinois, to the Gulf of Mexico(Spring 2013; team-taught with Dr. 杰夫·鲍尔)
  • GEOL 3100区域地质实地研究: 南密苏里州和俄克拉荷马州(Summer 2010; team-taught with Dr. 杰夫·鲍尔)
  • GEOL 2999 Special Topics: 地质 of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Field Course (Spring 2009; team taught with Dr. 杰夫·鲍尔)
  • GEOL 2999 Special Topics: 五大湖野外课程地质学(Summer 2008; team-taught with Dr. 杰夫·鲍尔)


Dr. Shoemaker research image

两百万年前, the northwest-flowing Teays River system drained much of the western slope of the southern Appalachians—and the 俄亥俄州 River did not yet exist. 更新世时期(“冰河时期”), glacial ice dammed the Teays River near Chillicothe, 俄亥俄州, 导致塞湖蓄水. 表面积几乎是10,000 square miles and depths locally exceeding 250 feet, Lake Tight contained a volume of water comparable to Lake Erie and occupied the incipient 俄亥俄州 Valley for thousands of years. Ultimately the failure of a secondary ice dam near Ripley, 俄亥俄州, 导致塞湖迅速排水, spilling over ridgelines, breaching drainage divides, and capturing and reversing segments of preexisting streams. 这一事件造就了今天的俄亥俄河.

While the broad outline of this history has been understood for over 100 years, the details of the Teays-Tight-俄亥俄州 transition have not been examined in a comprehensive regional and temporal context. Shoemaker’s research is focused on three major questions: (1) How did the Teays River system evolve in the few million years preceding glacial advance, 在所谓的深度阶段? (2) How did the system respond as the Teays drainage transitioned into the early stages of impoundment of Lake Tight? (3) What geomorphic features formed as the consequence of the impoundment and outflow of Lake Tight?

SSU provides an ideal “base of operations” for these studies, as Portsmouth is situated in the deepest part of Lake Tight’s basin; is 40 miles south of the locus of the ice dam at Chillicothe; and is adjacent to the breached divide that once separated the Teays River from its major western tributary, the ancient Portsmouth River. 学生 working with Shoemaker have presented their research at regional and national meetings of the 美国地质学会.


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Dr. Shoemaker takes his coffee black, plays ukulele, and has never wrestled an elephant seal.