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Our Bachelor of Arts degree 用英语 alumni go on to have fulfilling careers that span a variety of industries. 有些人成为了教育者, 从事媒体关系工作, or choose careers in both traditional and digital media as staff writers or reporters. Our graduates are also employed in a myriad of other industries, 从金融, 市场营销, 从制造业到医疗保健管理.

  • Print and Digital Journalism
  • 社交媒体管理
  • 媒体计划
  • 管理、市场营销和销售
  • 商业与金融
  • 公共关系
  • 事件管理
  • 技术交流
  • 人力资源
  • 法律/公共政策
  • 非营利组织的工作

Additional 职业生涯资源

  • For information on 沟通 as an area of study, research, and policy, visit the 国家通信协会(NCA)网站. NCA是美国最大的组织.S. 致力于各种形式的交流.
  • For information on the field of public relations, visit the 美国公共关系学会(PRSA)网站. PRSA is the nation’s largest community of public relations and communications professionals.
  • For more information on technical communication, visit the 技术交流学会(STC)网站. STC is an organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication. 它是同类组织中最大的.


“Studying English and 通信 at 澳门威尼斯十大官网 was one of the very best decisions I have ever made. 我的课程使我发展了许多技能, 包括批判性思考的能力, articulate complex concepts, 并领导合作小组讨论.

英语 & Humanities faculty at 澳门威尼斯十大官网 are the very best I have ever encountered. My professors were knowledgeable, compassionate mentors who genuinely cared about my success. 感谢他们的支持和指导, I gained the knowledge and skills I needed to be successful in my career.

Today, I have an exciting career as a grant-writer for a large nonprofit organization. I use the skills I learned in my English coursework on a daily basis to write compelling proposals and collaborate with executive leadership.

I love my job, and 澳门威尼斯十大官网 helped me get there.

B.A. 用英语 & 人文、传播学方向


完成英语课程的学生 & 人文核心将能够:

  • 将文本置于历史和文化语境中;
  • analyze texts through the lens of literary, cultural, rhetorical, and/or linguistic theory; and
  • compose effective arguments supported by relevant evidence from primary and secondary sources.

学生 who complete the 沟通 Concentration will be able to demonstrate understanding of communication theories, 视角, 原则, 和概念.

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