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Dr. Mark L. Mirabello, author 和 a professor of history at 肖尼 State University in the USA, has served as a visiting professor of history at Nizhny Novgorod University in Russia.

Mirabello's area of expertise is the "outlaw" history on the "frontiers 和 margins" of human civilization. He lectures on Alternative Religions 和 Cults, 秘密社团, 恐怖主义与犯罪, “禁书,“世界历史上的来世概念”, 法西斯欧洲和纳粹德国, 神话与传说, 思想史, 还有其他科目.

His publications deal with the supernatural (A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife: Traditions 和 Beliefs on Death, Dying, 和 What Lies Beyond奥丁兄弟会 和 耶和华的罪行),非自然的(内心的食人族)和天然的(反叛者和不法分子手册).

Mirabello's current project is a new book on "秘密社团 和 Conspiracies."

Some of his works have been translated in to Italian, Portuguese 和 Spanish.

Mirabello has appeared on the 历史 Channel, discussing "deadly cults" in the series called 古老的外星人 (在 美国的秘密之书), 和 he has appeared with 教授 Noam Chomsky in M.A. 利特勒澳门威尼斯十大官网自由的特立独行的电影, 生存王国.

Mirabello was a featured guest for an hour-long interview on afterlife concepts on 开放的思想.  The show, hosted by Regina Meredith, appears on the Gaia Television Network.

Mirabello has been a featured guest on several syndicated radio programs 和 podcasts, including 海岸到海岸AM 乔治·诺瑞, 阴谋秀 Richard Syrett, 超越现实电台 杰森·霍斯, 黑暗广播 和Dave Schrader一起 那会谈 保罗·奥伯泰利和大卫·帕里 法卡斯档案 大卫·法卡斯和其他许多人.


Ph.D., 历史, 1988, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotl和

MA, 历史, 1979, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

BA, 历史, 1977, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio


历史 4999 - 历史 of Death 和 Afterlife

历史4175 -恐怖主义和犯罪

历史4111 -传说,神话和民间传说

历史4110 -思想史

历史4101 -医学史

历史 3177 - Early Christianity 和 Gnosticism

历史 3170 - Alternative Religions 和 Cults

历史 3110 - Nazi Germany 和 Fascist Europe

历史3109 -古代史

历史2150 -禁书

历史 2103 - Revolutionary Europe (AD 1517-AD 1921)

历史 2102 - Medieval 和 Renaissance Europe (AD 476-AD 1517)


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